Skin Care

Skin Care

We are the official agent and distributer for Parlux Hair Dryers in Egypt…

Face Products

Your face is your identity, we have all what it takes to keep it shiny and healthy…

We have a great variety at our stores of Face Products as scrubs, masks, serums, toners, cleansers and creams all from well known and trusted brands.

Abeille Royale Set

Skin treatment and repair products by Abeille Royale as serum, lotion and eye cream.

SkinCode Essentials

SkinCode Essentials offer a complete solution from cleansing and moisturizing to targeting specific skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.


John France scrubs for body and face to exfoliate dead cells out of skin and provide attractive skin shape.

Black Mask

John France black mask for extra clean and pure facial skin.

Peel-Off Masks

John France Peel-Off masks collection to refine face skin.

Nivea Sun

Nivea Sun colletion for skin protection against sun burns with range of products for both adults and kids.

Sun Screen Lotion

Banana Boat sun screen lotions with different SPF for adults and kids.

Sun Spray Lotion & After Sun Gel

Hawaiian tropic sun spray for skin protection gainst sun burns and after sun gel to moisturize skin after sun.

Tanning Oil

Banana boat tanning oils to provide skin with attractive tanned color.

Anti-Aging Products

Keep your skin young with effective and safe anti-aging products…

At our stores you can find highly selected anti-aging products from top brands worlwide.

Eva Anti-Aging Sunblock

Anti-aging sunblock with collagen from EVA cosmetics.

SkinCode Exclusive

SkinCode anti-aging soft moisturizing cream fights aging where it starts at the cellular level,


Visit our stores to see a variety of Bath saltsm, Massage olis and post wax oils…

Get yourself some relief with SPA (Bath & Massage) products from our stores.

Bath Salt

Bath salts that contain different types of minerals and active ingredients to nourish your skin and give some relief to your body.

Massage & After Wax Oils

Unique set of John France massaging oil for an ultimate stress relief, and after wax oil for smoothing skin.