Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

Professional & Home use health and beauty tools at our stores…

Health & Beauty Tools

Professional & Home use health and beauty tools at our stores…

You can find a variety of health and beauty tools that you may need for your beauty salon or even to have them at home.

Multi-Function Beauty Instruments

We have a variety of Multi-Function Beauty Intruments at our stores of different number of operations accoring to your needs.

F-300H Facial Streamer

Ozone digital steamer for facial cleansing treatment. Light weight, modern & functional design. Equipped with rotating head & aromatic oil container.

KT-1000A Facial Steamer

Durable high quality facial steamer. Equipped with timer.

KT-3707 Facial Steamer

Durable high quality touch facial steamer. Equipped with timer & different vapor sizes.

Portable Rotary Brush Instrument

Gentle cleanser to remove dead skin cells. Improve blood circulation & skin absorption.

Hot Stone

Get a charming experience of Hot Stone massage, now you can buy hot stones at our stores.


Soothing & regenerating paraffin formula, extremely malleability on all areas of the body for people suffering from circulation problems.


Prepare your Sauna settings and equipment from our stores.

Tools Sterilizer

Stay safe and healthy by sanitizing tools and towels through UV & high temperature.

Manicure Tables

Technician nail desk Manicure Tables…

We have different models of Manicure Tables equipped with fan for professional nail designs.




Medical Beds

See our high quality Medical, Massage & Cosmetic beds…

We have highly flexible manual beds in addition to Hi-Tech motor controlled ones.

Model No: 2246EB+

Upmarket beauty chair with very stable structure specially designed to optimize the workspace byits 90 degrees rotation. 4 motors control height, backrest, seat and footrest inclination. Reclining armrests. The button panels and the foot controller built in the allow a complete control of all the functions from any point of the chair. Safety lock system included and includes reset function.
Product size: 187cm x 85cm x 67-120cm
Net Weight: 79Kg

Model No: 2242

Flexible, professional and multi-functional bed. It meets all requirements of a professional massage/cosmetic bed. The back and foot rests are adjustable manually. The armrest can be removed. A face cut is ideal for massages. It has 2 drawers for the tools and materials.

Product size: 185cm x 85cm x 68cm

Net weight: 30Kg

Model No: 2209B (Portable)

Portable folding massage bed, mobile use while maintaining comfort. Height and back are adjusted manually. It also includes face cut.

Product size: 184cm x 62cm x 61-82cm

Net Weight: 15Kg

Model No: 2241

Message table with simple design, equipped with motors for controls. It includes face cut.

Product size: 197cm x 70cm x 53-86cm

Net weight: 71Kg

Model No: 2241C

Uniquely designed for physiotherapy & massage treatment. Equipped with 3 motors for height, foot & back controls. It includes armrests & face cut.

Product size: 202cm x 56cm x 86cm

Net weight: 77Kg