Hair Stylers

Hair Stylers

We are the official agent and distributer for Parlux Hair Dryers in Egypt…

Parlux Hair Dryers

We are the official agent and distributer for Parlux Hair Dryers in Egypt…

Visit our stores to see the whole range of Parlux Hair Dryers models either for professional or home use…


“For The Hairdresser that Loves The Tradition”

2200 Watt, with traditional design that makes it stand out in the world.

Super Turbo HP

“Professional Hairdryer With Very High Power”

2400 Watt, much appreciated by hair stylists that needs to perform AFRO hairstyles.


“Air Ionizer Tech”

2250 Watt, designed to offer professionals high performance, light weight, durable and friendly product.


“A Touch of Lightness”

2150 Watt, combining power and light weight as well as minimum noise, satifying hairdressers requests respecting energy consumption & environmental susstainability.

3200 PLUS

“More Poerful & More Silent”

1900 Watt, Combines the power aassociated with a new one suction concept, ensuring quieter & fast drying.


“The Professional Hairdryer with a Non Spilable Rubber Finish”

2300 Watt, has all already well known chacteristics of latest technology appreciated by the hair stylists in terms of life, balance & ergonomic design.



parlux advance light


“Barber Tech Ionic”

1800 Watt, being the first professional Parlux hairdryer specifically designed to meet the requirements of modern Barber shops.

Hair Straightener Products

We provide you with variety of Hair Straighteners of different sizes and shapes from very well known brands…

Visit our stores to pick your favorite hair straightener either for professional or home use.

flat iron JRL

Hair straightener with super fast heaing, provides intense and quick heat up along with a digital LCD temperature control screen, equipped with ceramic-ionic technology emitting negative ions for shorter and silkier hair instantly.

she (Pure Power)

Trendy design flat iron with a Hi-Tech plate for high quality performance, equipped with infrared technology to treat damaged hair tips, temperature up to 230 Celsius.


Elegant design flat iron with combination of silk fibers and nano tourmaline particles to ensure effective hair treatment reaching optimal result at minimum effort and avoiding heat stress, adjustable temperature up to 230 Celsius.

she shine

Other Hair Styling Products

We still have more categories of hair styling products…

You can find a great variety of options for different hair styling tools at our stores all from well known brands of high quality.

Hair Wigs & Extensions

Get a new look with high quality wigs or extensions from our specialized “Hair Section” at our stores. Looks as if it’s yours.

Hair Straitener Ceramic Brush

Easy tool for fast hair straightening at home with ceramic brush designed to provide you with the straight hair look at the easiest way.

Damaged Hair Trimmer

Electric trimmer for spliting damaged hair tips safely to make hair live longer with beautiful and healthy looks. Safer than scissors and blades.

Hair Brushes

Hair brushes collection in many shapes and different colors.

Hair Clips

Hair Clips in all shapes, colors and sizes.

Brushes Cleaner

Brushes Cleaner for different brushes shapes and sizes.

Detangling Hair Brushes

Detangling hair brush for smoother hair.

Hair Bun Fillers

Hair buns to provide buns hair look.

Dryer Styling Brushes

Different types and shapes of dryer styling brushes available at Samir William Stores.

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