Hair Colors

Hair Colors

Visit our stores to see a variety of Color creams (Color Design – Hair light – L’Oreal – Garnier – Phyto) and choose what suits you…

Color Creams

Visit our stores to see a variety of Color creams (Color Design – Hair light – L’Oreal – Garnier – Phyto) and choose what suits you…

We have a GIANT section in an our stores for color creams to give you hundreds of options for coloring your hair permanently or temporary with safe and healthy products from worldwide well known brands.


Radiant ultra shiny color for full hair coverage, with long lasting results even on sensitive scalp.


L’Oreal quality AMMONIA FREE color creams, easy application and long lasting.


Nourishing color rich in natural oils. Easy to apply ammonia free, covering all grey hair.

Hair Light

Innovative color with smooth blend and easy application, low ammonia content.

Post Treatment Products

Hair treatment needs special care to keep its effect…

You can get masks, serums, shampoos and conditioners from our stores made specially for treated hair, to keep the effect of hair treatment for longer time.

UpGrey Shine Toner

Instantly masks and tones white, grey and dull hair. It provides a natural and bright color giving hair a young & bright look. Also, indicated for effective retouching of regrowth.

Coloring Sprays

Add 10 different crazy colors to your amazing hair. Stays on up to 2 days and available in many colors.

Navitas (Coloring Shampoos & Masks)

Shampoos & masks of natural origin ingredients, provides reconstruction of damaged hair, color cue adding different effects to hair color.

Pigment Options:

Bluberry: eliminate the yellow and cool the warm shades.

Sesame: intensify blonde making cold and bright.

Curry: browning and warming blonde.

Cinnamon: give warm hues to blonde or brown.

Tumeric: give red streakds with blonde or brown to dull.

Paprika: create red streaks on colored or natural hair.

Sumac: create red-purple shades on natural or colored hair.

Carob: enhance and illuminate brown.

Poppy Seeds: create black reflections on dark on natural brown hair or white hair.

Oxidized creams & Bleaching Powders

Visit our stores to see a variety of Oxidized creams and different colors of bleaching powders…

Adjust your hair colors with a range of different colors bleaching powders and different concentrations oxidized creams.

Oxidizing Creams

Available at different concentrations & different sizes for single and multi-use.

Bleaching Powders

Available at different packs and colors to suit your needs. Blue, Red, Green, Violet, White & Light Blonde.

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