Glazing machine

Glazing machine

Get your nails in shape with Nail Master Glazing Machineā€¦

Nail Master

Compact handpiece, easy to grip.

Handpiece hold grinding head by mechanical clamping way, holding more reliable.

Handpiece with heat sink, unwarming for long time using.

Forward and reverse operation switch.

Rotation speed reaches up to 35,000 RPM.

Extremely quiet and smooth, no vibration when using.

Foot pedal for easy operation and comfort.

Good for pedicure and manicure.

For professional or home use.

Korean Glazing Machine

Mini-compact design, smart light weight ergonomic design handpiece, effectively reduce the fatigue of long hours of work.

Quiet motor with ultra-quiet and extremely smooth operation.

Convenient twist dual lock/unlock chuc provides safe and secure holding.

Rotating converts forward & reverse control ability.

Foot pedal for On/Off switch.