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Visit our stores to see a variety of Hair Clippers and Trimmers to choose what suits you...
Either you are a professional or seeking a machine for personal use, you will find what you are looking for out of a big collection of clippers & trimmers from top brands worldwide.

JRL Hair Clippers & Trimmers


JRL Fresh fade shaver with patented Stay-Cool technology, keeps blades cool to the touch.

Rust free, long lasting, self sharpening titanium blades, stay sharp for every cut.

Digital control your current power setting and remaining battery life.

Patented Smart-Clip technology, senses blade resistance and revs up the motor speed.

Fast charging LI-ION battery, which lasts 3 times longer than traditional batteries.


Revolutionary Cool Blade

Special material keeps blade cool to the touch making blode 7˚C/13.89˚F cooler than most clippers in a 30-minute test. Blode is also inter-changeoble with period after test most professional clipper brands

Advanced Lever Locking Technology

Support spring insures 5 steady level locking adjustments with infinite variable control that maintains over long term use

Lithium lon Battery

3 hours charge produces 4 hours battery life

Longer Cutting Range

Our blade opens more, from 0.5-3.5mm(can also be zero gapped), oering extra cutting length without using a comb attachment

Patented Smart-Clip Technology

Clipper senses blade resistance and revs up the motor speed therefore clipper will never drag or stall

Constant Power

Maintains the same speed during Remove black bar its 4 hours run time 2- adjustable speeds for cutting versatility (6,000 & 7,200 revolutions per minute)

Quiet Motor

Low noise under 60 dB creates a quiet working environment


Patented Stay-Cool technology keeps blades cool to the touch Patent: 201520017469.6

Self-sharpening, rust-free, long-lasting titanium blades stay sharp for every cut

Know your current power setting, remaining time and blade load

Hard-working 5-speed motor will not snag or pull hair

Turbo Boost engine automatically kicks into gear when working with coarse, dense hair textures

Patented Smart-Clip technology – senses blade resistance and revs up the motor speed Patent: 201520016129.1

Patented recovery charging lithium ion battery with a longer battery life Patent: 201520017468.

Low noise under 60 dB creates a quiet working environment

Codos Hair Clipper

Korean quality Codos Fresh Fade wireless hair clipper, with patented Stay Cool Technology.


Authentic THRIVE shaver, Japanese quality hair clipper for professional use.

MOSER Hair Clipper

German made high grade full metal blade proven for extra long life. Equipped with pivot motor for non stop use at superquiet smooth running performance.

THRIVE Hair Trimmers

Wired and wireless THRIVE hair trimmers available in differrent models and colors.

BRAUN Shavers

We have different models and shapes of BRAUN shavers at our stores.


You can find at our stores various shapes and models of PHILIPS shavers

Shaving Set

Elegant & Trendy shaving sets for Men

Shaving Blades

Big collection of different types & colors of shaving blades for Men.


jrl 2020

jrl 1040

jrl 1050


Man Care Products

John France

Classic formulation, ideal for hair & arm hair removal. Optimal spreading waxes, ideal for those proceeding with habitual whole body depilation.

JF Hair Building Fibers

Hair building fibers to cover empty hair areas, get the look you want.

Up-Grey Toner

Instantly masks and tones white, grey and dull hair. It provides a natural and bright color giving hair a young & bright look. Also, indicated for effective retouching of regrowth.

Beard Care Products

Your beard needs care too…

At our store you can get latest models and technologies of electric shavers in addition to beard care materials.

B Beard

Range of beard care products…

Shampoo & conditioner for cleaning and nourishment.

Serum for hair feeding and glazed look.

Wax for shaping beard and moustach.